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Here we go, me and me, launching a blog in 2022! I’m about to publicly announce that this site exists, which will solidify (primarily to me) that I am committing to a public writing practice

👉 M2M👈 Me-to-Me Marketing

It works like this: I write a blog for makers, mothers and nature lovers, and then I read it.

Here are recent examples of The Shelby Little at work:

Sometimes I am so inspired, I make a video too! The videos are more labor intensive, and that’s where my creative energy starts to peak, so I can’t call this a vlog or I’ll become haggard and cynical of Me-to-Me (#M2M) Marketing. We don’t want that.

Blogging, for myself?  What on earth is possessing me? 

Well, for starters, this is the result of a compulsion. I am compelled to create and express myself (not in a postpartum-milk-sack kinda way, though that’s a healthy compulsion too).

When you subscribe, you get all the latest news—right after me!

Shelby Golf Course
Launching a blog, Me-to-Me, in 2022​​

This blog will harbor my passions:

  • Writing 
  • Making & uplifting other makers
  • Nature Loving & preserving our wild planet
  • Mothering & the transition to motherhood. 

    "WTF just happened?!" That was my every thought from conception, wait, that is still my regular motherhood experience.

How to subscribe to M2M Marketing 

Someday, I may sell more than my ideas to myself, hell, I may compile a book, or an intentional living calendar. So please subscribe, which you can do three ways:


  1.  In the blog footer (just in case my mom is reading this, scroll down to the bottom right corner of this page and fill out that form)
  2.  Stay on this site for more than 30 seconds and a pleasant pop-up will ask you if you'd like to keep in touch. Avoid selecting "No thanks."
  3. You can also go over to The Shelby Little Show youtube channel and subscribe there. Truth be told, that's where I get my news first.



This is awesome, Shelby! Fun, informative and very creative!!! I’ll be eagerly awaiting new posts and videos!!


Many many thumbs up!!

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