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The Shelby Little

Fall 2023 Writing Group + Book Club AKA "Little Lit Lounge"

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This fall marks one year since I launched my blog and completed The Forge Creative Writing Program. Now I feel called to engage other creative writers.

This fall I am trying something new: I am leading an online class that will bring together book lovers and those who enjoy writing, once a month via Zoom. 

Class concept:

Writing group meets book club

If you haven’t had a writing group or a book club, but you’re curious about both, give it a try.

How it works:

Prior to each class, we'll have a piece of literature to read and a few writing craft elements to look for while reading.

When we come together for class, I'll facilitate a group discussion on the piece, and how the author tactfully employed the key craft elements.

Then we will segue into creative writing exercises that implore us to practice and incorporate those craft skills into our own writing pieces.

Writing Class Goals:

The goals of the class will be for each participant to notice and adopt new craft skills, and to encourage a community of shared interests that goes beyond our meeting times.

Fall Class Meeting Times: 

5:30-7:30PM PST

Second Wednesday of each month:

  • September 13—No reading needed prior to this class
  • October 11
  • November 8
  • December 13

Fall Writing Class Cost:

$119 for all 4 classes

You will need to furnish copies of the literature from your library or favorite book store. I recommend independent book stores (like Dudley's Bookshop Cafe in Bend, Oregon) or 

We're all busy people: I am aiming for pieces that are available in both print and audio format. All selections will be announced in our first class on September 13.

Update: Birnam Wood:A Novel by Eleanor Catton will be our first book and we will discuss it on October 11.

Why the class name, Little Lit Lounge?

It's just a handle that conjures a relaxing, creative space for our virtual gatherings.

Little: a nod to class facilitator, Shelby Little.
Lit: It's not that we're smoking—it's what we're reading literature.
Lounge: sets the mood and helps us transition after the bustle of the workday. 

Who is this creative writing class for?

This group is for people who:

  • Delight in reading literature that expands their world view
  • Enjoy or want a creative writing habit
  • Are not seeking to give or receive writing feedback
  • Relish time for creativity, reflection and self-expression
  • Would benefit from being in community with others of shared interests
  • May or may not be former English majors

About Shelby Little

Shelby has led teams of creatives for more than 10 years and founded Bend, Oregon creative marketing company, Yarrow Creative Agency. She received a B.A. in English from The College of William and Mary and a Certificate of Excellence from The Forge Creative Writing Program. Her poetry, editorial work, and non-fiction essays have been featured in HerStry, Jump! Magazine at The College of William & Mary, The Source Weekly,and

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